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M.L. Neal Banjos is an independant artisan luthier hand crafting open back banjos and banjo ukuleles (banjoleles) designed and built to have exceptional depth and clarity of tone and classic beauty. I collaborate with you to create instruments that support your unique voice and help your talents shine. I do this by focusing on timeless, elegant designs with clean lines and rich, ecologically harvested woods.

Each instrument we create is an all-out effort. Every instrument I design receives every characteristic we know to improve its sound, looks, and playability. All materials that go into my instruments have been carefully hand selected to be the absolute highest quality and best-performing available. The greatest care possible is taken with every detail of the construction of each instrument I build.

I am a craftsman and an engineer building hand-made professional-quality banjos and banjoleles that are meant to last many lifetimes and improve with age. I do not strive to mass manufacture instruments. I believe that as an independant craft-oriented workshop, M.L. Neal Banjos offers significant advantages to you the musician. Because my shop is small I can keep my overhead low, allowing me to offer you an individually made instrument at a price below factory made instruments of similar quality. And because I am an individual using time-honored hand craftsmanship, I do not have to compromise my designs or construction techniques to accommodate automation or other mass-manufacturing considerations. I have the freedom to always produce the best instrument possible.

As a result, my unique instruments are not only exceptionally beautiful but also have a vibrant voice with unsurpassed depth and resonance. Every detail of each of my banjos is designed to work together such that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts. Not only do they sound and look outstanding but are also easy and fun to play. Every banjo I make is created from start to finish bymyself, an individual luthier who imbues the instrument with my creativity and spirit. The result is more than just a machine but a partner that works with you to bring out your unique voice and creativity to your audience and the world. In a word, our banjos and banjoleles have soul.

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